Hi, I am ST777. Here you will find.. er.. funny sexy stuff of course ! Have fun.

What is ST777 doing right now ?
Works in progress :
- Remaking the Titeuf stories managing system, thinking about new chapters and variants, and working on a few drawings, especially a final animation with Nadia.
- Working with html5 to have my games fixed and back online : Tic Tac d'Oh! starring Homer Simpson , and Strip Chifoumi starring DW.
So I may not do any new pic soon, except commissions. ( But stay tuned for the future : Britany (Daria), Diana (Martin Mystery), Emma (Celestin), Emily (Clifford), and two Wild Thornberries short comics. )

Enough with stupid people who mistake things, let me get things clear :

Do you think that people who make horror movies and war video games are real-people-murderers and they should be jailed for life ? Of course not, this is just entertainment, there is no victim, no harm to anybody, nobody who suffers, just people who enjoy this kind of entertainment whever you personally like it or not. So why hell am I mistaken with a dirty child molester just because I draw a few lines on a piece of paper ?...
Sexual abuse on children sadly do exist for real in real life and leave very serious after-effect to victims. I absolutly DO NOT support or encourage those HORRIBLE actions ! I even refuse to draw characters inspired from real people like actors, not only because it is illegal in my country (unlike toon porn which is plain legal in here) but because it would humiliate that person. I draw only toons, because a toon is just some lines, it can't suffer, it can't feel any harm, it can't get hurt, there is no pain and no after-effect, it can't even be humiliated.
Understand that, just like you can understand that horror movies are not murders. And don't tell me one can become a child molester just because of watching sexy toons pics. If it was true, all people who watch porn would become rapers, all people who watch movies would become violent killers, and all people who listen to Justin Bieber would become girls. People who enjoy my pics are to pedophiles what YOU are to psychopath murderers when you watch a movie with a murder scene inside. Are you a psychopath murderer ? So to all those who mistake us with pedophiles : go buy yourself a brain, and once you have one, understand that we are not the enemy and let's just live in peace.

Leave me a comment if you like what I do, it always brings me great pleasure. ;)

Oh, by the way, you are supposed to be 18yo+ to be here, or you have to leave. I personally don't care, I think sex should not be a taboo, teenagers have sexual relationships so it's stupid to forbid them to visit porn websites, bla bla bla and so on, if it was up to me I would let teen guys visit my website and teen girls visit my bed (oops, wait, forget what I just said !) but I don't rule the world (yet) so let's follow the stupid laws...

What, you're still here ? Well, if you have no better way of spending your time than being still reading my silly words, let's see what I have to say, hmm..

If you want me to make a drawing for you, check my commission page.

Oh, maybe you want to know things about me ? I don't like to talk about myself, especially here because I should stay just the anonymous ST777, but, well...

I grew up in France, so my english is not perfect, sorry for that.

I just love cartoons. Actually I always wanted to make cartoons when I would grow up, but I couln't afford any art school. I did not give up and I did studdy by myself with books, but years went by and I eventually had to give up that dream and face the reality. I know I am quite good, but definitly not good enough and I will never be, and there are already trillions of so greater other artists that no studio will ever need me. Furthermore, I seriously injured my drawing arm in an accident, I still can draw but I can't draw fast anymore. Well, that's sad, but I still have fun drawing anyway, and knowing there are people who still enjoy my drawings makes me happy all the same (that is the reason why I always ask for comments).

I like sexy toons pics because I find it funny to see toons doing things you don't expect them to do. I always try to make my pictures first funny then sexy. Managing to express sexyness in my pics is also an interesting challenge to me. I like to use characters I like, of course, but especially characters who are rarely used in sexy pics. I also like to draw cute characters such as Dora and Arthur's girls, because they are very easy to draw, and because they are supposed to be everything but porn stars so it's even funnier to pervert them.

Hottest toon characters to me : Irma (W.I.T.C.H.), Winry (FMA), Katara (Avatar), Ino (Naruto), Gwen (Ben10), Théti (Papyrus), Maria (Braceface), Sabrina (Sabrina's secret), Misty (Pokemon), Dr Zoidberg... wait, no !

Oh, a last thing. In my sexy stuff I often use young characters and I have fun on pedophiles using Pedobear, sometime the challenge is even to try to understand how to make a young character look sexually attractive. Please don't mistake my funny art with reality. Just like horror movies are not made for murderers and won't turn you into a murderer, my stuff are just for fun. Drawing toon characters is harmless to them, but sex abuse on real children is a very serious act that should never happen ! ( By the way my trick to make a young toon girl looking sexy is to draw her like a small teenager, not like a kid. )

 Copyright : I’m ok with you sharing my files on any forum and website, as long as you don’t edit them. ;)
Please assume all characters on this website are 18yo or older. My drawing style just sometimes make them look younger, sorry... :P