Some people are really stupid, they mistake fiction for reality, toons for real persons, and art for crimes. Unfortunatly, those stupid people rule my country.

In here, any art depicting a toon character younger than 18yo that could be found sexually attractive must be considered same thing as real child porn, no matter it's fiction, no matter it's just an imaginary character, no matter it's unrealistic.
That is exactly like mistaking horror movies for real murders, jailing movie producers for murdering imaginary characters, and jailing people for watching... But more importantly, that means I am a criminal.

Now laws mistake fiction for reality, what's next ? Loosing your driving licence for playing race video games ? Being charged with murder for playing war video games ? Being charged with battery for playing fighting video games ?

If I drew these characters crying, suffering, or even dead and dismembered, no one would call me a murderer or anything, no one would care, it would just be fiction. But no, I did draw them enjoying sex, so I am a dirty criminal. Does it make any fucking sense !?

Don't get me wrong, of course I am not pissed off so much just because I am forbidden to draw young toon porn. Drawing toon porn is not important to me, and drawing toons who look 18yo is not a problem to me. (They will even be more sexy, but it spoils the parody fun.) It is more general than that. I am fed up of having brainless morons making stupid decisions and spoiling my existence, I mean overall. This world sucks and everyday our leaders makes it even worse by forbidding everything. This abusing, nonsense, toon porn ban is a very good example.

They punish people just for liking something they don't like. It's not about punishing bad actions, it's about punishing 'bad' thoughts. What is 'bad' about enjoying funny fictional parodies with toon characters ? And anyway, where did I read that people's thoughts should not be punished, again ? Oh yeah, it's just Human Rights...
They do jail people just for enjoying toon porn. That is exactly like in the past when people were jailed for being homosexual. Will they also get back to hanging people for saying that Earth is not flat and burning women accused of witchcraft ?

If forbidding underage toon porn could actually save real kids from being sexually abused, I'd shut my mouth and agree with the laws. But it's not the case at all.
Pedophiles and toon lovers arn't the same people anyway, and funny porn parodies with toons have nothing to do with child porn. I, for example, do find some young toons sexy, but I do not find any human kid sexy. I find porn parodies with toons funny, but I would be disgusted if I saw real kids being abused. Mistaking us for pedophiles is the same mistake as mistaking people who enjoy horror movies for people who do murders in real life, or mistaking FPS players for terrorists.

Those crazy morons even decided that internet providers will have to block toon porn websites. No doubt wwoec and rule34 will soon be "inaccessible" from here. Yes, blocking unharmful toon porn websites, censoring unharmful art, just because they don't like it, like authoritarian regimes do.

By the way, look at those quotes from the oldest piece of the constitution of my country :
"Liberty consists in the freedom to do everything which injures no one else" How can a funny drawing injure anyone ? Hell, do I have the magic voodoo ability to hurt people through my drawings ? Bewaaaare my magic pencil !!! Assholes...
"Law can only prohibit such actions as are hurtful to society." What is hurtful to society is banning things you don't understand, censoring art, and jailing innocent artists. Drawing a toon nude doesn't fucking hurt society !
"Law is the expression of the general will." General will ? I remember when I read about this law on some websites, there were hundreds of comments from visitors and they were very, very mad, outraged, not a single person agreed with it.
Remember millions of people marching all around the world early 2015 to defend liberty of speech after some cartoonists were killed by terrorists for mocking a prophet ? Do you seriously think that people want cartoonists in jail for drawing nude toons ?
Between killing cartoonists for drawing a prophet and jailing cartoonists for drawing nude toons, there is not a big difference. Actually it's even pretty similar. Those brainless bastards are not better than terrorists. I am not the one people want in jail, politics are.

But what can I do ? Democracy, freedom of speech and freedom of thought are just illusions. I am seeing one of the so-called "greatest democracies of the world" become a conformist authoritarian regime : only one right way to live, only one right way to think, conform or get jailed.
When I think that my ancestors fought so hard to make a democracy out of this country, a democracy which main value was freedom, and I see what remains of their legacy now, it makes me want to puke.

I did not run into legal trouble yet, but I run the risk of doing since according to the law I am a dangerous criminal for... drawing funny stuff... Am I a criminal ? Did I ever do any harm to anybody ? Or did I just draw some funny stuff that some people enjoy and some other people don't ? My aim always was to have people laugh at those parodies, not to spread a disgusting message or anything.
It would be so stupid for me to run into serious trouble just for drawing funny stuff... So I decided, with some reluctance, to conform with their stupid law.
That is why I temporarily closed my website. It will come back some day, this time with only 18yo+ toons. I already have some interesting drafts and ideas. (Arthur's mom, Milhouse's mom, many characters from Daria, some American Dad, some Familly Guy, grownup Hey Arnold characters... We'll have fun.;)) I also plan on editing my best old 'illegal' drawings to replace non-adult characters with older 18yo versions of them. Unfortunatly for my fans (if I have some), I am very busy (trying to start a business and working very hard) and I won't have time to work on this website and those funny stuff before a long time.
Until then, ST777 is no more. Sorry.


I guess that in the end the best thing I can do is to make fun of this situation.
I want people to understand how senseless it is to forbid fictional porn of imaginary characters.

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