Some people are really stupid, they mistake fiction for reality, toons for real persons, and art for crimes. Unfortunatly, those stupid people rule my country. They jail people for drawing fictional underage toon porn, just like if horror movies producers were jailed for murdering characters.

Even worse, any art depicting a non-adult imaginary character that could be found sexually attractive now must be condidered same thing as real child porn. As a result, those crazy morons jail people just for visiting toon porn websites.

They want internet providers to block toon porn websites anyway, putting them under the same umbrella as terrorists and child porn websites. No doubt wwoec and rule34 will soon be "inaccessible" from here. Yes, blocking some unharmful websites, just because they don't like their content and mistake it with pedo stuff, though fiction makes no victim. Blocking some unharmful websites, censoring art, like authoritarian regimes do.

They punish people just for liking something they don't like, something that can't harm anybody though. It's not about punishing bad actions, it's about punishing people's thoughts.

Now laws mistake fiction for reality, what's next ? Loosing your driving licence for playing race video games ? Being charged with murder for playing war video games ?
Of course, most people agree with me and are sick of this type of senseless laws, but there is nothing we can do about it.
( "Liberty consists in the freedom to do everything which injures no one else", "Law can only prohibit such actions as are hurtful to society.", "Law is the expression of the general will." These are quotes from the constitution of my country though... )
Democracy, freedom of speech and freedom of thought, are just illusions. I am seeing one of the so-called "greatest democracies of the world" become a conformist authoritarian regime : only one right way to live, only one right way to think, conform or get jailed.

No matter how unfair and unconstitutional it is, some people got jailed. I don't want to get jailed too. I am not a criminal, I never did any harm to anybody, I just did draw some funny stuff that some people enjoy and some other people don't.
I did not run into legal trouble yet, but I run the risk of doing. That is why I decided, with some reluctance, to conform with their stupid law, even though it feels like giving up in front of dictators instead of fighting.

That is why I (temporarily?) closed my website. Before it comes back online (if it ever does and, most of all, if they haven't jailed me in a Gulag by then) I have to remove all the 'illegal' stuff. Then I will finish some of the 'legal' new drawings I started working on or plan to. (Arthur's mom, Milhouse's mom, many characters from Daria, some American Dad, some Familly Guy, Gravity Falls... We'll have fun.;)) I also plan on editing my best old 'illegal' drawings to replace non-adult characters with older 18yo versions of them. Unfortunatly for my fans (if I still have some), I am very busy (trying to start a business and working very hard) and I won't have time to work on this website neither on those funny stuff before a long time.
Until then, ST777 is no more. Sorry.
France sucks.